US dedicated server locations – Which one is the best for you?

We’ve recently opened a new data center location in the United States getting us one step closer to be present at all of the core US Internet hubs. Our 4th location in the states is New York and the reason for choosing this destination could be well obvious for some (Go Yankees! Just kidding), however in the few short paragraphs below I will outline the main reasons on how you benefit from choosing a dedicated server in New York and give you a short background history of our expansion to the North American continent and the emergence of the Internet itself.

The Internet as we know it today started off in the US in 1969. It went from being a US military organized network called the ARPANET to a decentralized TCP/IP (The TCP/IP protocol was introduced in 1983 to specify the basic format of packets transmitted through the Internet which allowed decentralization of the system and increased the rate of adoption worldwide.) infrastructure that was designed for university research only. Commercial use of the Internet was forbidden until the early 90s with most of the core infrastructure being managed by the state.

Things really took off in 1994 when the Clinton administration privatized the Internet backbone, making sure that no single company had control over too much of the infrastructure. This helped create a competitive environment for internet connectivity present to this day.

When the core backbone was privatized all of the big ISP players would eventually form partnerships resulting in settlement-free exchange of traffic (also known as peering) and these interconnections were formed in 8 key regions across the US.

key us IP intersects

As the Internet grew a few more locations gained on importance due to technological investments in the region and of course their geographical location. If you derive the most important nodes in terms of geographical location and end to end connectivity, we are left with 7 key strategic locations and once present at all of them you can effectively reach the vast majority of the US internet population (and Canada). See picture below for all locations.


Why is all of this important and why should you care?

If you have a popular service and your goal is to reach all of the US internet population with low latency you need to:

The quality of IP connectivity is determined by 3 key aspects. First, by the volume of transit capacity your provider has. Secondly by the number of TIER 1 carriers the provider cooperates with. And thirdly by the ability to reroute traffic effectively through optimal routes when needed (The third can often only be achieved if aspects one and two are met).

As we strive to have the best low-latency network worldwide and provide you with high-quality IP connectivity, we always make sure we meet all of the 3 key aspects highlighted in the paragraph above.

That is why we have set ourselves a goal to be present at all of the core 7 US locations as that is where all of the major carriers interconnect and all of the major network routes meet. Being present allows us to create strategic partnerships with carriers to ensure enough reserved capacity across all routes and to reach your end users in even the smallest networks effectively.

You can currently order your US dedicated server in 4 of the 7 key locations. Here is a short rundown of the locations and how you benefit from ordering a server at each of them.

best us dedicated server locations

Atlanta dedicated servers:

Atlanta was our first location in the US (2nd globally). We entered the market being one of the very few providers offering truly unshared and unlimited 10Gbps uplinks to customers. People showed immediate interest in our service and we knew that we had to move forward fast to address the growing demand.

Why choose a dedicated server in Atlanta: Low latency delivery across the East and central part of the US. Good connections to South America (Brazil).
Carriers available: GTT, Cogent, Hibernia

Order a server in Atlanta.

Los Angeles dedicated servers:

We continued our US expansion with Los Angeles. There were two reasons for choosing this location. First was to cover the West Coast, the second was to offer quality IP delivery to the APAC region for a fraction of the cost for local traffic. Some customers choose Los Angeles for cheap traffic to Australia as well.

Why get a server in Los Angeles: Low latency delivery across the West Coast. Affordable connectivity to the APAC region.
Carriers available: GTT, Cogent, Hibernia

Order server in Los Angeles.

Chicago dedicated servers:

With having West Coast and part of the East covered we decided our next core location would be Chicago. Chicago not only offers great connectivity in the central US, but also good connections to some parts of Canada.

Why get a server in Chicago: Fast connections across central/North US and to Canada
Carriers available: GTT, Cogent

Order a server in Chicago.

New York dedicated servers:

Our latest addition as mentioned at the beginning of the post is New York. This location was long awaited by everyone and it offers the best coverage of the East coast of US, good connections to Europe and the best connections to Eastern Canada.

Why get a server in New York: Low latency connections across East US and Canada.
Carriers available: Cogent, GTT

Order a server in New York.

What have we got lined up for you next?

The next location that we will be opening for you is Dallas and Miami. You can expect to order a server at this location by the end of this summer. If this is a location you are particularly interested in, drop us a message and we will reserve a server for you right away.

Do you miss any other location? Drop us a message at and we will see what we can do!

This post was primarily focused on our US expansion but we follow the same procedures in Europe and worldwide. Regardless of the location of your dedicated server, you can always expect unshared premium connectivity from multiple Tier 1 transit providers. Expert technical support ready to solve your requests 24/7 and a pro-customer approach of a forward moving company, constantly looking for ways to make you, the customer, happy.