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Reach your end users in Brazil and South America fast from our Miami DC.

DataPacket is your best choice when choosing a server provider for delivering traffic across the US and to South America.

Fast connections to Brazil thanks to our Miami Datacenter

If you are looking for fast data delivery to Brazil, it is best to choose a server location on the East Coast of the US. The ideal locations are Miami or Atlanta.

Our network is built on multiple connections to Tier1 providers and optimal network routing resulting in a fast and stable connection to South America.

Dedicated servers with unshared 10 Gbps ports

10 Gbps ports enable your server to efficiently handle peak times and prevent overloads. Your customers won't have the chance to complain about slow load times or server response time.

10 Gigabit Ethernet meets the increasing demand of users and applications for high bandwidth network solutions. We never aggregate our links to secure 10 Gbps reserved connectivity just for you.

Expert technical support available 24/7

What the well-known marketing term 24/7 support means to us? Our own technical support present on site available to act immediately if necessary.

Reachable by phone or email 24/7 to help you with any technical issue you might face. If you have any business related or general questions you can contact our team on chat, available 24/7.

Dedicated servers with fast connections to Brazil and South America

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Dedicated servers with fast connections to Brazil and South America

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