High-performance, unmetered dedicated
servers with scalable bandwidth plans.

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Network reliability & Efficiency

Our network is built to ensure enough reserved connectivity to each user and to avoid bandwidth bottlenecks. Real-time route optimization is implemented for maximum network efficiency.

Capacity and efficiency ensured by:
  • 20 Data center locations spread over 3 continents.
  • 100GE port connections with multiple TIER-1 transit providers.
  • 24/7 network monitoring and years of infrastructure management experience.


Expecting rapid growth of your user base but find it difficult to estimate the amount of bandwidth needed? With DataPacket you can easily start with one of the standard unmetered server plans and upgrade later.

Dedicated ports to each server:
  • All servers are fitted with 10GE ports allowing instant scalability.
  • All bandwidth ordered is 100% dedicated and unlimited.
  • No limitations or saturation during peak hours.

Pricing for unmetered plans

Configuring your infrastructure to handle more workload per machine will result in lowered cost for hardware and management requirements. This ultimately results in a significant decrease in price per Gigabit.

Standard unmetered plans
1 Gbps
5 Gbps
10 Gbps
$350 $1110 $1850
Server configuration included:
  • Page 1 1xE3-1230v6
  • Page 1 16GB RAM
  • Page 1 2x500GB SSD
Advanced unmetered plans
15 Gbps
30 Gbps
40 Gbps
$2890 $3830 $5490
Server configuration included:
  • Page 1 2xE5-2620v4
  • Page 1 64GB RAM
  • Page 1 2x500GB SSD

Never tried to push this amount of traffic through one server?

Our technicians have years of experience in managing and configuring servers for high load environments. Send us your requirements and we will gladly help you with the configuration.

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network efficiency
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Go ahead and order a trial dedicated server with unmetered 10 Gbps bandwidth. Our 7-day trial is only $99. The bandwidth is unlimited with no additional costs.

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