Live streaming with up to
500 Gbps unlimited capacity

Sport events streaming
Live streaming for conferences
Concerts & cultural events
Virtual reality

Start streaming with us


Stream up to 24 hours
Up to 100 Gbps connectivity

$4000/ one-time fee


Stream up to 48 hours
Up to 200 Gbps connectivity

$8000/ one-time fee


Stream for 14 days+
Connectivity on request, example of 100 Gbps

$15 000/ one-time fee

All orders are prepaid. You will get access to the servers in advance to be able to configure them.
Additional upgrades are possible upon request.

All orders are deployed in 24 - 48 hours
Up to 500 Gbps reserved capacity
Wowza Media Streaming support
1 IPv4 with every order, additional IPs or IPv6 upon request
Root access to dedicated servers with Linux OS (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS)

Delivery process

  • You've sent us a request with details and requirements. You estimate that you will have 30,000 concurrent viewers and the stream will have a bit rate of 3Mbps. Therefore, you will need a total uplink of 90 Gbps.
  • We will contact you shortly to agree on the desired setup and distribution of servers. We recommend 6 servers with 20 Gbps uplink each (120 Gbps capacity in total) to have enough reserved connectivity in case of unexpected traffic surges.
  • Your full setup is ready in less than 48 hours and you can start streaming the event to your customers around the globe.
  • Our technicians monitor the network and servers and are available to help immediately if needed (e.g. re-route traffic etc.).

Does it seem like too much to handle in less than 48 hours? Well we know we can do it because we have done it before.

Check the link below to read about how we delivered 410 Gbps for the 2016 UEFA Championships in less than 48 hours.

Read article @ Medium

Why choose us?

Fast delivery within 48 hours

A team of professionals starts working on the implementation from the moment you order and they don’t stop until all of your servers are ready and running.

TIER-1 Streaming Network

Our network is built on cooperation with 6 transit providers and dozens of private peerings across all of our locations ensuring infrastructure redundancy and efficiency.

24/7 real-time support

Our work is not done after the handover. Our technicians will continue monitoring the network so that your servers are permanently at your disposal if needed.


We contacted the DataPacket team less than 24 hours before the event in need of 200 Gbps connectivity for live streaming to Turkey. Delivered on time, smooth progress, with our traffic peaking at 180 Gbps.
May 2016 - Turkish Süper Lig Football Final
Needed 200 Gbps for live streaming to the Eastern European and Russian region, decided to upgrade to 400 Gbps soon after. All delivered in 48 hours with no setbacks.
June 2016 - UEFA Euro 2016

Looking to stream an event with peaks of more than 500 Gbps?

Our colleagues from CDN77 know how to deal with massive peaks around the globe. Check their website for further information about live streaming.

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