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Singapore dedicated servers

4-core server

E3-1230 CPU
2x2 TB HDD
1Gbps uplink

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$480 / month

6-core server

E5-2620 CPU
2x2 TB HDD
1Gbps uplink

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$640 / month

Why should you choose a Singapore DC?

By ordering a server in Singapore with us, you are guaranteed that your traffic will be routed locally - fast.

Other cheap packages might actually be routed from Europe or USA, where traffic is considerably cheaper, but with greater latency (around 200ms).

Singapore Data center

Racks Central
23 Tai Seng Drive, Singapore
Interconnect to Equinix SG1 & Global Switch

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Deliver your data faster within Asia,
around just 30 milliseconds.

Fast connection with other networks

Be directly connected with more than 190 networks and Internet exchange points.

Data security taken seriously

The data center meets the highest safety requirements and data security guidelines.

IT hub in Singapore

Get a server in the largest hub in Asia-Pacific. Enjoy a world-class infrastructure & global network.

Looking for a more affordable option?

For more economical prices and a great connection to Asia, get one of our servers in the most suitable location possible - Los Angeles, starting at $390. You can also start with a 7-day trial.

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